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Marketing Solution for Financial Brands in Canada

Smarter Loans is the go-to destination for Canadians seeking financial products, services and brands. Now, you can join over 100 of Canada's top financial brands who are already on Smarter Loans, and take your marketing efforts to the next level. 


Who is this for?

The Smarter Loans membership is best suited for:

  • Financial Brands

    Banking, borrowing, investing, insurance, financial apps, wealth management, crypto, fintech, blockchain, money transfers, currency exchanges, financial advice, estate planning, wills, etc.

  • Consultants, brokers, agents, influencers, educators, realtors and small teams use Smarter Loans to gain new business without breaking the bank. 

  • Marketing Teams

    Any marketing department can benefit from access to a wealth of resources available through the Smarter Loans, to help drive high ROI at scale.

Canada's Top Brands are on Smarter Loans

People visit Smarter Loans to discover top financial brands, compare products and make smarter financial decisions. Each company on Smarter Loans has a profile that explains their story and services. 


Here are just a few companies on Smarter Loans...



Membership Features

What makes Smarter Loans the ultimate all-in-one marketing solution for financial brands in Canada?

  • Reach thousands of Canadians seeking financial products and services. 

    Your brand will be promoted across the Smarter Loans universe of 40k+ monthly visitors, social media channels, email newsletters and more.

  • Journalist Coverage & PR

    Our network of nationally published journalists will write about your brand, products and services. Content distribution included to relevant audiences. 

  • Video Marketing Included

    We will produce videos featuring your brand and distribute them to Smarter Loans audience, on social media and beyond. Videos are tailored to your audience and can be informative, promotional, though-leader based and more.  

  • Lead Capture Included

    If you wish to capture leads (contact forms, appointments, etc.), you will get an email whenever someone completes your dedicated lead form on Smarter Loans. 

  • Phone Call Redirects

    If you want people to call you directly from Smarter Loans, you will be assigned a dedicated phone number and Smarter Loans visitors will be able to call you with a single tap on their phone.  

  • SMS Marketing Included

    We have an established audience that is opted into SMS messaging and can execute campaigns featuring your products and services.

  • Company Profile on Smarter Loans

    Join 100+ leading financial brands that have active profiles on Smarter Loans. Your listing will include your company story, products and services, articles, reviews, videos, contact info, FAQs and Calls to Action that redirect to your website. 

  • High Intent Web Traffic

    Smarter Loans visitors are actively searching for financial services and products. Referral traffic from Smarter Loans has a higher conversion rate than most traffic sources. 

  • Email Marketing Included

    Your company, products, services, and content will be featured in newsletters, daily DRIP emails and large volume bulk email blasts that are sent to our always-growing email audience of Canadians.

  • SEO Boost

    Working with Smarter Loans will boost your website authority on search engines, which means more organic web traffic for you. 

  • Become a Thought Leader

    Contribute articles and other content to Smarter and build a following and boost PR and increase trust for your brand name, products and services.

  • Social Media Marketing 

    Working with Smarter Loans means your brand, products and services will circulate among your target audience where they spend their time, including all major social media networks.

Available Listing Categories

As a Smarter Loans member, you can choose any of our available categories to list your company under. These are our most in-demand audience segments You can pick more than one! Wish to see a new category added to the list? Let us know, and we'll keep you posted as we launch new categories monthly.

Click on any of the categories below to check it out

Personal and commercial loans, credit and financing

Chequing accounts, savings accounts and more

Trading platforms, investing solutions

Life, home, auto, business and other insurance types

Credit repair, consumer proposals and more

Mobile apps for saving, investing, budgeting and more

Cryptocurrencies, exchanges, platforms and services

Personal and business credit cards, rewards and more

Solutions for buying or selling a home

International money transfers online

Collection of Canada's top FinTech companies

Investment firms and financial advisors

Financial and other solutions for the gig-economy

Solutions that support e-commerce businesses

Solutions for managing invoicing and bookkeeping

Marketing solutions for financial services

Manage leads, customers, and automate processes

Platforms for fast and secure payments online and offline

B2B vendors that support the Canadian financial sector

Estate planning and will creation online

Everything you need to create, run and promote websites 

Collection of best vendors for the lending industry

Maximize team effectiveness with best in class platforms


Coming Soon!

Consultants and influencers that help you make all the right money moves


The Smarter Advantage

Innovative marketing tactics focused on acquisition, brand and content

We've gathered a network of journalists, video makers, bloggers, authors, writers, industry experts, financial personalities, as well as musicians, dancers, podcast hosts and actors.


We run marketing campaigns across the web, television, e-mail, SMS, video, social media (including tik tok) and other channels. 


Our website,, is an industry leader in financial information and education with over 40,000 monthly, high-intent visitors. 


We use this network of talent and assets to deliver marketing initiatives that are exclusive to Smarter Loans members.  

Journalists, Authors & Industry Experts



Video Production & Distribution


We create videos about the great brands on Smarter Loans and share their stories and products online. Our videos are produced in-house and distributed on our YouTube channel, video channel on website, social media platforms including TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. 


Each video we produce results in 4-8 final cuts that are tailored to your specific audience segments and objectives. 


Finally, you can get quality video content FAST, without breaking the bank.


Membership Plans

For NON-LENDING companies only. Lenders, please contact us directly for membership inquiries. 


No long term contracts - cancel anytime.


Full Access Membership



Profile Page on Smarter Loans

Listing in up to 3 Categories

Targeted web referrals

Lead Capture with email notices

Phone call redirects

Active link to your website

Call to Action on your listing

Guest blogging: contribute 2 articles per year to Smarter Loans

SEO Boost

Dedicated account rep

Anytime phone & email support

Video marketing not included

Company Review not included

Daily DRIP email campaigns not included

Not featured in monthly newsletters

Bulk email blasts not included

Listing position is below Premium & Platinum Members


Aggressive  tactics, more impact



Everything in Standard PLUS:

Listing in up to 5 categories

2 journalist articles per year (distribution included)

Included in monthly newsletters

Guest blogging: contribute 5 articles per year to Smarter Loans

1 annual company review

SEO Boost x2

Bulk email blasts not included

Daily DRIP email campaigns not included

Social Posts not included

Less guest blogging opportunities

Listing position is below Platinum


Ultimate Marketing Machine



Everything in Premium PLUS: 

Listing in up to 10 categories

Highest listing position in category pages

Maximum referral web traffic

SEO Boost x3

Guest blogging: contribute up to 12 articles per year to Smarter Loans ( 1 per month)

8-10 videos published per year (distribution included)

3 journalist articles per year (distribution included)

Included in daily DRIP email promotions

1 annual bulk email blast included (minimum audience of 20,000)

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